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Mother's Day Bookmark

Mother's Day Bookmark

A Mother's Day bookmark is an easy craft that makes a lovely homemade gift. In the one pictured here it reads: You have a golden heart.

All you need to make this is construction paper and crayons. If younger kids are creating this, they can simply draw pictures of their mother and hearts. If the kids know how to write, they can include the saying.

Image by Elizabeth/Table4Five at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Mother's Day Handprint Crafts

Mother's Day Handprint Crafts

Handprint crafts are popular for Mother's Day. They are generally easy to make. Take the one in the photograph. It was made with a child's hand covered in paint and placed on a paper doily.

A particular favorite of mine is to use paint to put handprints on a plain white coffee mug.

I have additional craft ideas below. I think there is something so special about handprint crafts. It's something moms can forever treasure.

Image by milele at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Handprint poem
A Mother's Day poem with handprints and a photo.
Mother's Day Handprint Card
A Mother's Day card made with a handprint.
Mother's Day Handprint Wreath
A wreath made from handprints.

Handprint Craft Kit

Midwest Products Mosaic Leaf Stepping Stone Kit

Here's a very pretty craft kids can make and give as a gift. I really like this for Mother's Day because the weather warms up in the spring and moms can put them out in the yard or garden. I also like it as it's a personalized gift.

Mother's Day Frame

Frame Coloring Page

Kids can make a colorful Mother's Day frame. Just print this out and supply coloring crayons and pencils. To make it more sturdy, I suggest gluing it onto a piece of cardboard.

Now, decide how you want to use the frame. Kids can write a letter or a poem. They could also put in a picture or a collage of pictures. It's all up to one's imagination.

Mother's Day image is courtesy of WPClipart.

Mother's Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Mother's Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Crafts are big in preschool and kids can't wait to make something special for their moms. The following crafts are specifically geared for preschool aged children, although many would work for kindergarten and lower elementary school grades.

Image by hoyasmeg at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Family Garden
Create picture flowers and put them together to create a family garden.
Footprint T-shirt
Decorate a T-shirt with kids footprints.
Mother's Day Paper Plate Craft
Make a paper plate flower with a photo for Mother's Day.
Mother's Day Candle Holder
Tissue paper and an empty baby food jar will make a beautiful candle holder.

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Mother's Day Frame

Mother's Day Hand Keepsake Craft Kit (12 Count)/School Craft/Photo Frame/Day Care/Childrens Craft

This is an adorable craft if you're looking for some kind of group craft for the classroom, Sunday school or scout organization. It's at a great price as you get 12 of them in your order.

Children's Mother's Day Poems

Mother's Day Stationary

A sweet Mother's Day poem is a beautiful way to let a mother know how much her child loves her. If you're interested in this, feel free to click on the stationary and print out this page as it makes for a pretty background.

As far as poems go, if it's a young child who isn't yet ready for writing a poem, you can always make a heading saying: 5 Reasons I Love My Mom, then have the child write down the reasons.

If you prefer, I have a list of poems below that can be printed out for free and used.

Image courtesy of WPClipart.

Mother's Day Poems from Kids

Mom's Special Day
In this poem written by a child, the child lets the mom know how well she'll be taken care of on Mother's Day.
Only One Mother
This one expresses how there can be hundreds of other things in the world, but only one mother.
Mom Always Knows
A tribute to all of the things a mother does.
Short Mother's Day poem.

Mother's Day Song

Here's a cute Mother's Day song that kids can sing along with. It's to the music of BINGO.
powered by Youtube

Wind Chime Craft

4M Make A Wind Chime Kit

This fun craft kit is recommended for older kids and teens. It will look beautiful outside. Kids can either make it in advance to give as a present or do it with their moms for a nice Mother's Day activity.

Make a Mother's Day Card

Making Mother's Day Cards

Making a Mother's Day card is a creative way to make a personalized gift for a mother. As you can see, this boy made a very simple card using construction paper and foam stickers. It may not say Happy Mother's Day on it, but his mother will know what it's for.

All kids need to make cards are some paper and items to decorate it such as crayons, stickers, glitter or any other craft supplies you happen to have on hand.

Mother's Day card image by San Jose Library's photostream at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Mother's Day Craft Gift

Foam Mom Tea Cup Ornament Craft Kit/Craft Kits/Tea Pot/Ornament

Isn't this ornament adorable? It's made from foam. This craft is easy to make as the pieces have self adhesive. There are 12 per pack so they are great for a group project.

Personalized Recipe Box

Personalized Recipe Box

Even with a wealth of recipes on the internet, a lot of moms still use recipe boxes. Perhaps they contain special family recipes passed down or maybe some are recipes clipped out of magazines. I know mine has a combination of both along with recipes friends have given me.

The recipe box featured here has images and words painted on. You can keep it simple like this or you can take a wooden recipe box, paint the whole thing, then decorate it and add a personalized greeting.

Image by mark it with a B at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Mother's Day Kids Craft Ideas

Mother's Day Kids Craft Ideas

Mother's Day crafts are often made in the classroom throughout the elementary school years and sent home as Mother's Day gifts. Below are link to crafts geared for kids approximately 5-10 years of age. They can be made at school or at home for some Mother's Day fun.

Image by AnneCN via Getty Images at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Flower Vase Craft
A paper mache vase filled with tissue flowers.
Keychain Craft
A Mother's Day beaded keychain the says: My Mom's the best.
Mother's Day Flower Pot
A decorated clay pot with construction paper flowers.
Mother's Day Picture Frame
A beautiful wooden Mother's Day frame.
Mom and I Book
This is one of my favorites. Printable pages to put together a special personalized book for mom.

Mother's Day Craft Book

Mothers Day Crafts (Craftbooks)

by Jean Eick

Enjoy making lots of crafts? If this is the case, you might enjoy a book dedicated to Mother's Day crafts. It's hard covered, so it will be durable around kids.

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